Wild Street Films

Mike Navarro as outlaw biker, Low Rider.  Mike has been a long time Harley enthusiast and is often seen at the ROTC rallies. He has appeared in both The Sinner, as a preacher, that the protagonist went to for confession and as a knife wielding antagonist, in the movie Rolling Thunder, with William Devane.

Kari Alison Hodge​ as Roxanne Macaela. Kari  has appeared in lead roles in many film productions, such as Step, All In, Free, Corner Pocket and Guardian Angel among others and has appeared on stage in the lead roles of productions such as The Rover, Pasadena Babalon, The Real Thing and Antigone, to name a few and has appeared in many music videos​

Kara Ranier as Dr. Carolyn Moore, PhD- Kara has  appeared in more than 23 movies, including Seven Hill City, Zero Two and Lotherio, the TV shows Unusual Suspects, Project Afterlife and Murder Made Me Famous, among others and has appeared in theater, commercials and has done voice over work as well.

Carl Bailey as outlaw biker, Hillbilly.  ​Carl has appeared on NBC's Chase in 2011 as a featured recurring U.S. Marshall, he rapidly started being a featured player in major film productions such as Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" and a host of other projects including, "Now You See Me", "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D", "The Iceman" and "Parkland" to name a few.​

Dana Folis as outlaw biker, Texas Slim.  Dana is a self described "desert rat", from San Antonio, an expert mechanic who has worked on and modified everything from hot rods, to race cars, boats, trucks and his beloved Harley-Davidson Shovelhead.  His easy drawl and natural delivery helped bring the character of this outlaw biker to life in the original version of this movie and will be sure to bring it to life again.

​Kevin Kinkade as ex military intelligence operative turned illegal firearms dealer, Uriah Girty. Kevin has appeared on screen in many productions including Queen of the South, Jerico, Frame Switch, The Sauce and Rain and theater productions, A Day Out of Time, True West, Rite of Saturn, A Christmas Carol and many others.​

Voices of the Dead-Cast of Characters

Kellie Carroll as outlaw biker, Dottie aka Diamond Girl.  Kellie has appeared in the lead roles of movies such as The Last In Line and The Town Inside and in TV shows such as Tyler Perry's, The Have and Have Nots and as the lead role in Outbreak. 

Samuel French as Paul Robertson.  Samuel is an actor and producer who has appeared in Texas Rising, Hidden Justice and Closer to Bottom and has produced and starred in Bullet Narc Division and A Brother's Badge. 

Sal Rastegar as paranormal investigator, Ivan Orlov-Sal has produced 3 movies and TV shows so far and been associate producer on a couple more. He has also starred in several movies and TV shows, including Mind and Machine, Kafe Kremlin and From Dusk Till Dawn-The Series.

Mardi Lea as Larissa, the lost soul of a young woman, haunting the woods and house.  Mardi has 8 years of experience in the performing arts including but not limited to, theater, musical theater, solo singing, choir, dance and acrobatics. ​

Todd Essary as ex military, illegal firearms dealer, Mike Sherwood.  Todd has starred in numerous stage and screen productions, including, The Sauce, The Gold Watch, Frog and Harvey and has studied physiology, anthropology and business.

Clayton Chase as outlaw biker, Bone Crusher.  Clayton is known as a professional Cooler and Security expert throughout the southwest.  He is an expert at personal protection and has served as a bodyguard for many celebrities including; Mike Tyson, Jenna Jameson, Dennis Rodman, Charles Barkley, Jaime Pressly, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods to name just a few. He has also made appearances on the Howard Stern show several times.

Grace Alex Perez  as psychic medium, Gabriele Petronis.   She has appeared in Axel:Bloody Genius and Mute, which she also directed and has appeared in the movies Crow Hill and Art of Blood and is the host and director of Grace's Kitchen and Grace's Aces.

Allison Day as pagan Tarot card reader, Michelle, the woman who introduces Roxanne to the underground pagan culture of Central Texas. Allison is an actress who has appeared in Kevin and the Boot, Eat Kill Love and Clementine.

Stephanie Tripp as pagan fire dancer and witch, Lucy. Stephanie has appeared in many movies, including The Novelist, Never Enough Thunder and Demons and Doors, TV shows such as No Code, Incantations and Humans and theater productions, Tom Jones and Present Laughter.

Gabrielle Rejane Lynn as the lost soul of a black Seminole girl named Swan.  Gabby is an 8 year old actress, vocalist, model and dancer. She has a passion for her craft and has the work ethic of a seasoned professional. Gabrielle Rejane Lynn has several projects coming up she is excited about.